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1947 – Beekeeping on the Move (Video)

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Migratory beekeepers move their hives around the country, following the blossom. This film follows two apiarists from the Bega region of New South Wales, who take their bees to a stand where the trees are flowering. They set up their hives and the bees are released to take their store of honey from the surrounding bush. The keepers themselves go bush while the bees are on the job. The honey is then extracted from the combs on the spot by means of a portable extractor. After a few weeks, when the stand has been worked out, the beekeepers and their hives move on.

After this film was published on YouTube the local Bega newspaper ran it on their site and were eventually able to identify the two men featured as Ernie E Abrams and Ron Shuhkraft. They uncovered an interesting back story to these two men which you can read here:

Bega’s Beekeepers on the Move Identified

Watch the video HERE

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