Wednesday , September 18 2019

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These Herb-Infused Honey Combos Are Crazy Good

Take your gold standard to the next level with these recipes.


  • 8 ounces honey
  • 1-2 tablespoons dried herbs or spices
  • 1 cup mild honey, like clover or orange blossom


1. Place herbs or spices in a clean glass jar. Pour the honey on top and stir well to combine. Tightly close the jar lid.

2. Allow the honey to infuse for 5 to 7 days (or longer, if you want a stronger flavor). Every day or so, flip the jar upside down, making sure all of the herbs and spices get coated.

3. After a week, warm the infused honey in the jar until slightly runny (dipping the closed jar in a warm water bath works well). Pour the honey through a mesh strainer, and discard the herbs or spices. Store your newly infused honey in a jar in a cupboard.


Lavender + Cardamom Pods
Good on plain yogurt, vanilla ice cream, or fresh berries.

Ground Ginger + Lemon Zest
Use it in tea (hot or iced), or add it to a hot toddy. Since you can’t strain ground ginger, this honey will get spicier the longer it sits!

Rosemary + Orange Zest
Whisk into salad dressing, or use it to make a compound butter for grilled chicken or steamed vegetables

Black Peppercorns + Sage
Spoon over salty cheeses like brie or Parmesan, or drizzle over sliced apples.

Dried Apple + Cinnamon Stick
Stir into oatmeal, slather on toast or cornbread, or drizzle on top of simple cakes instead of sugary frosting.