Wednesday , January 16 2019

Medyana Rosa

21a, Tereschenkivska street UA-01015 Kyiv

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Medyana Rosa

21a, Tereschenkivska street UA-01015 Kyiv

The Bee Farm “Medyana rosa”™ is an official trademark of Ukrainian beekeepers for the global market of bee-products.

In close cooperation with national public organizations, particularly with the All-Ukrainian NGO “Brotherhood of the Ukrainian Beekeepers”, we wish to revive in our country the centuries-old apiculture traditions and to restore the Ukraine’s once had world-wide honey land reputation.

The term “medyana rosa” (eng.: honey dew) means a sweet juice naturally exuding on stalks and leaves of plants. In that way plants accomodate themselves to the sharp changes of environment: for example to strong fluctuation in temperature between night and day.

From time immemorial people considered the miraculous fall-out of a honey-tasted dew as action of the supernatural forces.

For us the honey dew is first of all a symbol of an invisible heritage of the past epochs — ancient knowledge, skills, natural sense of taste, beauty and harmony, passed from generation to generation.

At all times honey was a key product for Ukrainians. We consider it as a bridge connecting modern Ukrainian people with their far ancestors,

helping to understand ourselves as the direct heirs of all Ukrainian centuries-old cultural and spiritual treasure.

Under the Beefarm “Medyana rosa”™trademark we offer a wide range of bee-product based goods:

  • Honey of typical Ukrainian sorts — either as a raw or in exclusive package of various kinds. We have the state-of-the-art analytic laboratory able to carry out control of all products according to international standards.
  • Decorative wax candles in subjects of Ukrainian history and culture, founded from our original moulds. On the Melbourne APIMONDIA international Congress we presented the world biggest decorative candle with bas-relief displaying the complete history of our land.
  • Traditional Ukrainian honey drinks.
  • Raw beeswax, propolis, pollen, royal jelly — for the purposes of pharmacy, cosmetology and food industry.

In the nearest future we plan to establish production of traditional dishes and confectionery after ancient Ukrainian recipes.