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ApiTrade Africa Co. Ltd.

Plot 2117 - Ntinda Town - P.O. Box 23441 Kampala

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ApiTrade Africa Co. Ltd.

Plot 2117 - Ntinda Town - P.O. Box 23441 Kampala

ApiTrade Africa Company Limited was legally registered in Uganda in July 2008 as a company limited by guarantee, not-for-profit. It operates under the name ‘ApiTrade Africa’, depicting its specialisation in developing trade in bee products from Africa. It is a membership organization that promotes market development, and is responsive to the need to create strategic pro-African investments in the sector across the Africa continent.
The formation of ApiTrade Africa was motivated by three factors;

  1. The realization that Africa is poorly represented on global issues that affect the honey sector
  2. Poor coordination of the honey sector in Africa
  3. African producers are most affected by market access conditions

A well coordinated Apiculture sector in Africa

To promote trade in African bee products by coordinating marketing initiatives.


  1. To promote African bee products in the market
  2. To promote the growth and supply of quality bee products from Africa
  3. To enable the improvement of access of up to date trade related apiculture information
  4. To promote enhanced coordination of the apiculture sector across all countries in Africa
  5. To lobby and advocate for a competitive apiculture sector in Africa

The Board and Management

ApiTrade Africa has a 7-man Board of Directors composed of representatives of bee farmers, honey processors/exporters, civil society and government departments, drawn from Uganda, Kenya, United Kingdom, Ethiopia and Tanzania. The Board is responsible for setting policies governing the management of the organization as well as setting the strategic vision and direction of the organization. The day to day management of the affairs of the organization is vested in the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who heads the Secretariat and also doubles as Secretary to the Board. The Secretariat has 3 departments, namely: Promotion & Publicity Department, Finance & Administration Department and Technical Services Department.

The composition of the Board is as follows:

1. Chairperson: Mr. Harun N. Baiya ( Kenya)
2. Vice Chairperson: Ms. Gladness A. Mkamba (Tanzania)
3. Treasurer: Ms. Alice N. Kangave (Uganda)
4. Secretary / CEO: Mr. Bosco Okello (Uganda)
5. Member: Mr. Mulufird Ashagrie (Ethiopia)
6. Member: Mr. Robert Ndyabarema (Uganda)
7. Member: Ms. Janet Lowore (United Kingdom)