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Are bees getting addicted to nicotine?


By Michael Casey CBS News April 22, 2015, 5:48 PM Just as smokers become addicted to cigarettes, bees might be getting hooked on a pesticide blamed by some scientists for a steep decline in their population. That was the surprising finding from one of two studies in Nature Wednesday that …

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Bees ‘get a buzz’ from pesticides


By Helen Briggs BBC Environment Correspondent 23 April 2015 Bees prefer food containing neonicotinoid pesticides, research suggests. They may “get a buzz” from the nicotine-like chemicals in the same way smokers crave cigarettes, according to scientists at Newcastle University. The experiments raise the question of whether bees can be exposed …

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Science News: Are bees ‘hooked’ on nectar containing pesticides?


April 23, 2015 Newcastle University Summary: Bees are attracted to nectar containing common pesticides, scientists have discovered. This could increase their chances of exposure to high levels of pesticides.   Bees have shown a preference for food which contained pesticides. Neonicotinoids target the same mechanisms in the bee brain that …

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The Dangers of Over-harvesting Honey


By Melissa Caughey on March 30, 2016 When it comes to keeping bees, one of the sweetest rewards is that of a splendid honey harvest. No matter the reasons for keeping bees, often folks get most excited when the time comes to harvest the delicious and highly nutritious honey from …

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Bees are being poisoned by 57 pesticides used in the EU


11/3/16 by K.G Orphanides Bees are being poisoned by 57 different pesticides currently licensed for use in the European Union, according to new research. In a new study published in the Journal of Chromatography, researchers from Poland’s National Veterinary Institute have implemented a new test that allowed them to analyse …

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Bees in better shape than overseas: survey


GERARD HUTCHING Last updated 15:10, March 10 2016 New Zealand bees are in a healthier state than those in the northern hemisphere, a survey has shown. The agricultural chemicals industry has seized upon the survey results to say it shows insecticides are not to blame for bee losses. Bee hive losses …

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It’s Not Just The Bees: 40% Of Food-Pollinating Wildlife Risks Extinction


From California to China, the first-ever global pollinator survey shows why our food supply is headed for trouble. Photo: Protasov AN Three out of four foods we consume—from coffee and chocolate to apples and almonds—rely on pollinators like bees and butterflies. And 40% of those insect pollinators are now at …

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Australian study reveals the disease fighting powers of bee semen


Photo: When hives come under stress, the fungal pathogen Nosema apis can spread, sometimes causing the colony to collapse. (Clint Jasper) By Clint Jasper and Stuart Gary Honey isn’t the only powerfully anti-microbial fluid bees are capable of producing, with new research revealing the seminal fluid of male honey bees …

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A public-private partnership to save our bees


MAR 08, 2016 • BY ERIC LEE-MÄDER A public-private partnership to save our bees Over the last few years, without much fanfare, a quiet but profound change has taken place on some of the largest General Mills supplier farms across the United States. Miles of flowering hedgerows and colorful wildflower …

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France To Ban All Pesticides Amid Worldwide Bee Death Epidemic


France have announced plans to completely ban the use of pesticides due to unusually high bee deaths worldwide, which French authorities claims pesticides are responsible for.  Lawmakers have approved plans to ban some of the most popular pesticide products on the market, going above and beyond European Union requirements. reports: The …

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